Elsie Marie Campeau Rupe  March 6, 1922 - August 13, 2014

Elsie Marie Campeau Rupe
March 6, 1922 - August 13, 2014


Elsie’s Plate & Pie is named in memory of the beloved Elsie Marie Campeau Rupe of Lockport in Lafourche Parish, maternal grandmother of Proprietor and Chef Paul Chauvin Dupré. Elsie, known to many close to her as “Tee,” and as “Ma” to her eight grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren, was a major influence on Paul’s life and career.

Whenever you were invited to eat at Elsie’s house (or just happened to drop by at meal time), there were a number joys of which you could always be certain. First, you would be warmly greeted with a smile and often with a hug and a kiss. Then, if she was expecting you, you could count on one of your favorite meals. Finally, there would be more than enough for everyone, so you could always enjoy leftovers at home. And then there were the pies! Elsie began baking them because they were the favorite dessert of her beloved Carl, whom she married in 1944. Pies became a major food group at Elsie’s table, and it has only natural that her grandson Paul has continued the tradition.

Of all Paul’s decisions in planning the opening of his restaurant, naming it was by far the easiest. Inspired by the grandmother he loved, he has developed the menu offered by Elsie’s Plate and Pie with her in mind, incorporating not only his Ma’s cooking style, but also her secret ingredient - love - that was so much a part of the meals she shared. Chef Paul believes that nothing he gained during his years in the kitchens of some of the most popular Baton Rouge restaurants is more important than the secret ingredient he learned from Elsie.

Paul Dupré is proud to share his grandmother’s Lafourche legacy and his own creations with Baton Rouge and welcomes you to Elsie’s Plate and Pie.


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